During transport damage or loss can occur to your shipment. In certain cases the carrier can be responsible. This all depends on condition of packages, condition of transport etc.. The conditions are mentioned on the AWB in case of air transport. Insel Air Cargo is transporting your cargo under the IATA conditions found on this side and on your AWB. 

Whether and how compensation can be received, is formalized in the IATA Conditions. Because transport is charged per kilo, compensation is also expressed in a maximum amount per kilo. Please contact us in case you want to insure your cargo .

Note: before you sign for receipt of goods at your destination, make sure the goods are intact! If damaged a remark must be made immediately in writing. If you sign for a clean receipt any complaint or claim will not be accepted later on. Also carrier must be notified and held responsible as per conditions specified.
Please include in your claim attached the claim form with requested documents attached.
this file is in acrobat format P.D.F. to view it download your free reader here.