MAS (speed) mail

As a privately owned airline we are a highly focused and are an extremely capable logistics specialist with a regional presence and extended agency representation throughout most countries in the Caribbean.

Speed mail is our newest product, a special service option that provides fast air transportation from airport to airport for your documents packages to selected destinations. We urge you to make use of our frequent flights, especially to and from St. Maarten, Aruba & Bonaire. We offer short handling times and high standards of our handling agents at our served destinations.

  • Envelopes
  • Drop-off Locations
  • Pick up Locations
  • Shipping
  • Required documentation
  • Restrictions
  • Rates
  • Schedule
  • Terms & Conditions
Designed for regular size letters and legal documents that will fit into an envelope no bigger than 30 cm (14 inches) x 22cm (3.5 inches) and weighs less than 5Kgs ( 11lbs).

Drop-off Locations:


Maduro Airfreight Services
Dokweg 19 - Maduro Plaza
Office hours: Mon - Fri between 08:00 - 17:00
Phone: 733 1530
Fax : 733 1584

Swissport Cargo Services
Hato Airport - Aerocargo Building
Office hours: Daily between 08:00-17:00
Phone: +5999 868 2244 ext 112
Fax :    +5999 869 5900
Swissport Cargo Services
Office hours: Daily between 08:00-17:00
Queen Juliana Airport
Phone: +5995 46 7940
Fax :    +5995 46 7941

Pick up Locations:

Swissport Cargo Services
Hato Airport - Aerocargo Building
Office hours: Daily between 08:00-17:00
Phone: +59998682244 ext 105 or 106
Fax : +5999 869 5900

Swissport Cargo Services
Queen Julian Airport
Office hours: Daily between 08:00 - 17:00
Phone: +5995467940
Fax : +5995 46 7941
Swissport Cargo Services
Reina Beatrix Airport
Office hours: Daily from 08:00-17:00
Phone: +2975822470 ext 113 or 115
Fax : +297 58 30 622



Destination and origin charges ANG 22,-





Rate For SPEEDMAIL ENVELOPES per unit Airport To Airport

Curacao Aruba 0-5 kg NAF 55.00
  Aruba 6-10 kg NAF 65.00
  Bonaire 0-5 kg NAF 55.00
  Bonaire 6-10 kg NAF 65.00
  St. Maarten 0-5 kg NAF 75.00
  St. Maarten 6-10 kg NAF 85.00
Aruba Curacao 0-5 kg NAF 55.00
  Curacao 6-10 kg NAF 65.00
Bonaire Curacao 0-5 kg USD 30.00
  Curacao 6-10 kg USD 38.00
St. Martin Curacao 0-5 kg NAF 75.00
  Curacao 6-10 kg NAF 85.00

Shipping is easy - just bring your package or document to one of our drop off locations and complete the shipping form. The parcel must be received at least two hours prior to the scheduled departure time of the destination flight. We will ship your small Speed Mail on the next available flight. Your shipment will get to its destination without delay!
Required Documentation:
A copy of the shipping form is sent together with the shipment.
A valid I.D. card reflecting a recent photo of the shipper
Valuables and banknotes not accepted for transport
Speed Mail,Parcels are shipped on normal passenger flights. To view the schedule of passenger flights select:

Terms & Conditions:
  • Airport to Airport Service
  • On Prepaid basis only
  • Packages, Documents and Non - documents accepted
  • Maximum 10 kilograms (22 Lbs) per consignment (envelopes & small parcels)
  • A valid I.D. showing a recent photograph of the shipper
  • MAS (speed) Mail must be picked up within 2 days after arrival - Shipment will be destroyed after 10 business days of non pick up
  • No Hazardous Material accepted.
  • IATA conditions apply

For more information please contact our MAS office at +59997331530 or via email at